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Hey y’all!

I created The Mixed Review as a place to compile all of my interests in a creative way. I find myself constantly reviewing products, restaurants, and anything else my money goes toward to anyone that’ll listen. Instead of continually bombarding my friends with reviews they usually don’t ask for, I decided to take it to the internet, where I can release some creative energy and reach more people. You can expect content related to clothing, travel, food, music, and lifestyle in general. Every review will be ranked on a scale of 0 (Avoid like the plague) -10 (Run. Don’t walk. Get this now). For more on the background of The Mixed Review, visit my introduction post outlining what it means to me to be “mixed”.

I’m a 23-year-old from Louisville, Ky who avidly believes in the Oxford comma. I’m a University of Louisville, Alabama, and Steelers fan, but I love sports in general.  I have a basset hound named Beauregard and a Rabbit named Rupert who will make constant appearances.  I can’t wait to get to know y’all!

Nothing here is black and white. Except for me. And only kind of.

Kya Cheese


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